The PhillyFAST-i3 project has an ambitious two-fold mission:

FAST: Families and Schools Together

FIRST, our partnership is leading FAST® and FASTWORKs® programs in 60 schools, for K-1 and Grade 2 students and families (2013-2018), to:

  • Build and strengthen bridges between home and school—to better support K-2 children and their learning.
  • Empower adults and children alike with new skills.
  • Expand parent networks.
  • Improve school climate.
The American Institutes for Research

SECOND, for our U.S. Department of Education, Investing in Innovation (i3) grant, the American Institutes for Research is assessing FAST's impact on improving school climate and conditions for student learning.


Investing in Innovation (i3) funds fuel the Philly FAST-i3 project. The U.S. Department of Education awarded $15 million to this ambitious partnership: the Philadelphia nonprofit Turning Points for Children, nonprofit Families and Schools Together, Inc., the School District of Philadelphia, the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, and the American Institutes for Research. This five-year initiative is engaging K-2 families and students in 60 schools hosting FAST® and FASTWORKS®.