Participating Schools

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FAST® (Families and Schools Together®) for K-2 students and families will be held in the following 30 schools, 2016-2017.

Families meet once a week after school, over 8 weeks, Fall and Spring.

Families who attend at least 6 FAST sessions graduate and celebrate together!

Learn more about your school’s FAST program.

2016-2017 Schools

Add B. Anderson
Henry A. Brown
Joseph H. Brown
William C. Bryant
Lewis C. Cassidy
Joseph Catharine
Anna B. Day
Stephen Decatur
Louis H. Farrell
D. Newlin Fell
Fox Chase
Andrew Hamilton
Edward Heston
Thomas Holme
Julia Ward Howe
Juniata Park Academy
Eliza B. Kirkbride
Anna L. Lingelbach
John Marshall
Alexander K. McClure
Robert Morris
Andrew J. Morrison
Samuel Pennypacker
James J. Sullivan
Richard R. Wright

Out of School Time Program Works With FAST®

Families with children participating in Out of School Time (OST) are able to attend FAST one afternoon a week. In fact, both the FAST and OST programs gain when families attend. Why? Parents and teachers often see positive changes in children and an increase in children’s self-esteem, especially when families attend several FAST sessions. These benefits are expected to be observed in the Out of School Time program, as well.

See more Information on the FAST Program.


Check out our FAQs, talk with your child’s teacher, or call:
Turning Points for Children

Office of Early Childhood Education
at the School District of Philadelphia  
Juanita Rodrigues Romu

Turning Points for Children leads Kids FAST® in several schools, apart from the PhillyFAST-i3 project.