Family & Partner Recruitment Materials

2016-2017 Recruitment Resources for families are available at

2013-2015 Recruitment Resources remain available to teams (for adaptation) below.


FASTWORKS -- Family Fun and Success in 2nd Grade

All files are PDF, unless noted as Word doc.

To Customize Word documents: Open the document and fill in details in Word. Or, you might simply print a clean copy and write in details with a sharpie before photocopying. If the doc doesn’t work for you, contact your Turning Points leader for assistance.

Outreach Tools

Principal & Teacher Notes

Principal Note for Family Fun (Word doc)

Teacher Note for Family Fun (Word doc)

Teachers Note re Success in 2nd Grade (Word doc)

Interest Form

Advertising Flyers with Graphics

Success in 2nd Grade FlyerFamily Fun Flyer w dates (PDF or Word doc)

Success in 2nd Grade FlyerSuccess in 2nd Grade Flyer w dates (PDF or Word doc)

Information Flyers (with FAQs)

Posters & Notes


C.A.R.E. – Team Recruitment Strategy

C.A.R.E. Outline & Activities

C.A.R.E. is what we show when we invite families to events.

Celebrate family, community, & the power of coming together.

Announce events to EVERYONE in Grades 1-2.

Reach out in person and invite people in their first language.

Excite by sharing the fun and vision of building up our community